The beginning of the story

Thermal comfort has revolutionized the way we want to live in our homes and apartments. Openness and lights management have become major issues. However, the concepts of openness have evolved very little: our windows and balconies have grown, but we have not reconsider the in-out relationship.

LUMICENE is the most innovative aluminium frame concept on the market. It allows you to respect the latest standard while improving your level of comfort at home.

Developed in partnership with Saint-Gobain, with the most efficient glass products, LUMICENE is a patented product that finds its full place in housing. Totally integrated in the construction and developed in the spirit HEQ, LUMICENE is today the only Bioclimatic glass concept of the market. Thanks to its different positions, it optimizes the solar contributions and is part of a positive energy habitat approach.

LUMICENE is supported by French Business Angels since March 2015.

More than 1200 constructions already.
LUMICENE is a product technically mature that relies on
a strong partnership with the Saint-Gobain group and its subsidiary Sovedys.



Laurent Salvaire

Engineer and designer graduated from the Saint Luc Institute in Liège, Laurent is the inventor of LUMICENE. Laurent is a specialist in innovation in the building industry and has submitted numerous patents for building components: solar roof tiles, low temperature sensor, cylindrical parabolic sensor, integrated storage sensor, air / water heat pump, etc. .

Laurent is the President of LUMICENE and the manager of the development office

Clément Salvaire

Graduated from ESC Toulouse in 2006, Clément joined the PhotoBox (PhotoBox was a start up back then, now it is the European leader in online photo development). He was successively responsible for the acquisition of traffic, then the international development of the brand before becoming European Marketing Director in 2011, and Deputy General Manager from 2013 to 2015.

Clément joined LUMICENE in 2015 as Managing Director to ensure its commercial development in France and internationally..


LUMICENE is an industrialised product. It is entirely manufactured in France
within the subsidiary Sovedys, which belongs to the Saint-Gobain group.

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