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Why choosing Lumicene ?

LUMICENE is the most innovative carpentry concept on the market today.
It allows us to cleverly meet the latest regulations while improving significantly your clients’ home comfort.
Integrated in your projects, LUMICENE is a great element of differentiation, it enables you to sell quicker and at a better price.
Find LUMICENE assets adapted to your market, as well as all the technical information by downloading the document below.

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Meeting with Pierre Abraham (developer) and Jean-François Thellier (architect) about the programme Les Botanistes in Angers.
Testimony of Stéphane Aubay, creator and president of Greencity Immobilier, about the operation Le Carré des Princes in Toulouse
Testimony of Benjamin Misery, Chief Operating Officer at Les Sénioriales, about their first operation equipped with LUMICENE in Mions.

Technical information and certificates

Our technical team remains at your disposal to provide you with any information
necessary for the good progress of your project.


Download the DWG files of LUMICENE in different sizes in order to integrate it easily into your projects. Do not hesitate to contact us to obtain the objects under another file format. Some IFC (BIM) files are available.


Find here the first answers to your questions, whether they are functional or technical. Our team is at your disposal to assist you better in your project.

LUMICENE is now available on Home Planner software. You can find all the LUMICENE range in its different diameters and witht he different solutions of roof to have as much possibilities as possible. Discover the Home Planner tutorial here to integrate LUMICENE in your project step by step.

A sandwich panel is, as its name implies, a superposition of assembled materials manufactured through vacuum bonding : aluminium or polyester for the external sides, a polyester foam blade in the center.
This allows you to obtain perfect flatness without a thermal bridge. The panel is then set in a curved aluminium profile.

Some concrete prefabricated beams are available from several prefabricated concrete manufacturers. Please contact us to get in touch with them.

Most of the time the LUMICENE staff. For bigger work, LUMICENE can involve carpentry and in that case we manage the training and technical help needed for installaton.

Some DWG files are available for different models of LUMICENE. Several IFC files will be available in late 2015.

LUMICENE is provided with a circular curtain runner. LUMICENE can optionally be equipped with a runner for vertical slat blinds. This kind of blind ensures solar protection and privacy, and is particularly adapted to the way LUMICENE functions. An external blackout blind is also available optionally, and provides the most efficient solar protection for westward-facing installations.

It’s really easy! Slide your panels indoors to clean your glazing without taking any risks!

LUMICENE works with the same principle as a casement frame. The side frames are equipped with compression joints that are compressed when the panels are closed. Sealing plugs placed at the top and base of each panel slide when locking and ensure perfect impermeability.

The false ceiling and the concrete section allow you to respect the fire regulations without any fear of the fire spreading from one floor to another.

No, LUMICENE is an internal space. It is used much the same as a convertible car that we close when the weather does not justify it to be open or when we don’t use it. It cannot be locked indoors and it is considered in this position as an open window. The user understands that as with any other carpentry, LUMICENE must be closed after use.

This gap is almost always required.
It allows you to absorb the necessary structural work, to integrate the lintel which is normally used and to fit some spotlights in the ceiling.
In an apartment building it allows also to respect fire protection regulations for the passing of fire from one floor to another .
Finally, the false ceiling also has an aesthetic role as it represents the LUMICENE space and contributes to structure the space.

Exception : for a storey house, especially those with roof trusses, the gap on the false ceiling is not compulsory.

There is no incompatibility with a wooden structure, if anything, LUMICENE matches well with the precision of this style of construction. If you chose a dry floor it will be necessary to keep space for the LUMICENE zone.

LUMICENE is installed at the same time as any other carpentry work in the house, during the period of construction when the home is made airtight, in one day.

It is better to have a 6cm screed (minimum 4cm) as it will allow you to integrate perfectly the rail into the floor. But some other solutions exist, especially through saving space in the floor for LUMICENE.