Blind and curtains

LUMICENE includes internal and external solar protections that allow you to
protect yourself from the sun and avoid overwarming.


LUMICENE is provided with a circular curtain runner that can support every type of curtain according to your needs (solar protection or privacy).

Vertical slat blind

LUMICENE can be optionnally equipped with vertical slat blinds, that are particularly adapted to its circular shape and that allow you to manage the light in the best way all day long.

Two types of blinds are available : solar blinds to let the sunshine in while keeping privacy, and privacy blind to create obscurity.

10 shades available.

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External blackout blind

LUMICENE can optionally be equipped with two external blackout blinds which allow you to better manage the summer comfort by protecting the windows from the sun at the beginning or at the end of the day. The blinds horizontally roll up on both side of the LUMICENE, and roll out by flattening on the glazing, which allows you to avoid any wind factor. The blackout blind is made of PVC caneva Ferrari, the reference brand in outdoor material. It is available in two standard colors and in about ten special shades.

Download the booklet