Constructive Principle

LUMICENE is made of two circular rails, up and down,
between which, the curved glass panels are moving, all independent of one another.


Technical Details

Saint Gobain signature guarantees the most effective glass products: this is a 20mm (0.6 inch) low emission, argon filled glazing as standard.

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All the aluminium profiles were specifically engineered.

A thermal break process for curved profiles has been elaborated and patented. The last generation of LUMICENE has new profiles of 56mm (2.2 inches) in width only, which allows you to reach an even clearer window.


The external bottom rail is used as a threshold. The inside rail is totally integrated into the floor finish and the concrete base.

The top rail is a guide; it doesn’t support the panels that move on the bottom rail. It nonetheless, supports the false ceiling, essential for both aesthetic and construction reasons.

The top circular rail is manufactured using a numeric process control ensuring a very precise realisation, which is an essential detail for a smooth sliding action.

The seal between the external panels and the fixed window is provided by a triple barrier consisting of deformable seals, similar to those used in automobile. It is then a high water and air sealing quality that is offered.

At the top and bottom of the panels, a sealing plug is linked to the locks, ensuring a perfect seal.



LUMICENE is the result of a partnership with an innovative company and a major manufacturer. The company LUMICENE and Saint-Gobin group, through the subsidiary Sovedys, have been collaborating for a decade.