Operations delivered in Limoges, Brive, Nantes, Abondance, La Baule, in the Paris region… including our first operation delivered for a lessor, the Valophis Group, in Bonneuil-sur-Marne (Architect C. Enjolras).

Many projects underway in Marseille, Bordeaux, Monaco, Nantes, Lyon, Angers… and in particular our first project in Paris with Nafilyan & Partners and Studios d’Architecture Ory & Associés.

A few dozens of projects in development all over France, including the first Bouygues Immobilier operation equipped of Lumicene in Gentilly (94).

The continuation of our modular construction projects after having received a few hundred requests from hoteliers and private individuals for LumiShell. A big job to finalize the technical design with Christophe Benichou and Les Ateliers 4+, and soon the first productions.

And also LumiBar, a new collaboration with ASB Architectures and Oxygen around Lumicene 8m of diameter, and many projects currently under study.

The launch of a new generation of LUMICENE, more attractive, more efficient, tested on the CSTB benches in March, and installed on our sites since last July.

Superb networks and associations that allow us to exchange and help us to move forward. #AMO #RealEstech #ImpulsePartners #ClusterEcoEnergies #LesGrandsAteliers

Finally, some very nice collaborations on consultations, which we hope to be able to tell you about very soon! :)

HELLO 2019

We were looking forward to it already!

With obviously the continuation of our developments in progress. And the intact ambition to contribute to design homes that are bigger, brighter, more comfortable! Many commercial launches. But also, we hope, the concretization of very beautiful projects currently in development in Lyon, Marseille, Nice, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Haute-Savoie, Normandy, Paris region… And the competitions won!

The fabrication of the first LumiShell, and in a few weeks the launch of a new hotel room module, LumiPod (picture above).

The development of a specific Lumicene solution for rehabilitation in partnership with Les Grands Ateliers and the concretization of a first operation in Reims.

An extraordinary house in Gap and many other exciting projects that we look forward to talking to you about! 🚀

We wish you all the best for this new year!