Testimony of Benjamin Misery, Les Sénioriales

Eric Bertau

Benjamin Misery is les Senioriales® ‘s CEO… some not medicalised residences, dedicated to older persons who wish to fully enjoy their retirement, with total independance. Benjamin Misery chose to install, for the first time, eight LUMICENE in one of his latest installations situated at Mions, at the entrance of Lyon, in the Rhône-Alpes region. A convincing decision for the developer as well as for the inhabitants. Explanation.

Why did you choose to install some LUMICENE at Les Senioriales in Mions ?

Benjamin Misery : The product has been suggested to us by Unanime Architectes, the residence’s architect who knew LUMICENE and who introduced us to M. Salvaire, the president of LUMICENE… They presented us the strong points of the product, its practical and innovative aspects and we were convinced. We wanted to try it…

The residence was built about a year ago now, what is your feedback about the product, and mostly what do the inhabitants think about having LUMICENE in their home ?

B. M. : We are fully satisfied. LUMICENE increases the living area, which suits the inhabitants, it offers them a covered outdoor space, like a winter garden… and as soon as the temperature allows it, it opens on the outside and make an inside/outside transition. It is also a very manageable product that the older persons can use easily. It doesn’t involve any risk or obstacle since its rail is totally integrated in the tiled floor and the screed. Finally, LUMICENE is also a whole architectural element that gives even more personality to our installation.

You talk about the inside/outside relation, isn’t it an important criterion for the older persons?

B. M. : Yes, because some people leave their house, and all what it includes, including the garden… to come and move in our accommodations. Our specifications impose us a balcony, terrace or loggia for each apartment. We wish that all our inhabitants make the most of an external space, big enough to welcome at least two chairs and a table. LUMICENE is perfect for this.

Do you plan to install other LUMICENE in residences for oldest people?

B. M. : It is a product that can have its place within another project. The idea is to equip some apartment like in Mions with LUMICENE… this would allow us to make the most of the aesthetic appearance of the product on the façade, and to offer our customers an extra service, as if we keep to the feedback from Mions the customers enjoy this new living space.


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