Testimony of Stéphane Aubay, Green City Immobilier

Stéphane Aubay

Stéphane Aubray is the creator of Green City Immobilier, a real estate development company in Toulouse and around, and in the Ile de France and Rhone Alpes regions. The company gathers 80 salaries and registered 800 bills of sale last year. We met Stéphane Aubay during the delivery of the Carré des Princes installation equipped with LUMICENE.

What is according to you the main advantage of LUMICENE on this new installation?

Stéphane Aubay : This programme perfectly lend itself to the installation of LUMICENE as it is an operation of high quality implemented in an urban environment. The LUMICENE will allow the owners to make the most of their external space. When we choose to realise a residence with apartment at the corner of the street, which is the case with ‘Le Carré des Princes’ where there are three apartments at the corner of the street Saint-Exupéry and the Louis Breguet avenue … Our buyers can be afraid of not making the most of their future balcony or loggia because of noise or urban pollution. The LUMICENE bring a proper answer to these concerns. It is a product that will offer a proper life space area with spare square meters of living area and mostly a proper comfort of living. Some acoustics measures have been completed on these three accommodations, and the results are satisfactory.

Do you think that LUMICENE is a strong point about the architectural and aesthetic as well?

Stéphane Aubay : Absolutely, I think that LUMICENE adds value to the accommodations but also to the residence and the quality of the programme. When we are on a high quality product, which is the case for this operation, it is a proper element of differentiation!

Does that mean that the other programmes GREEN CITY would benefit from LUMICENE?

Stéphane Aubay : I think so. LUMICENE is a product technically qualitative that reinvents the ‘inside/outside’ relation in accommodations and that contributes to the architectural quality of the building. Then, it depends on the operation, its positioning, its situation and on the customers’ feedback that we will have about the ‘Carré des Princes’ obviously.


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