Testimony of Stéphane Lamarche, ATM Houses

Eric Bertau

Implemented in South West of France, Art & Traditions Méditerranée was created 28 years ago. Present in Orange, in the North West of Vaucluse, in Pontet, at the edge of Avignon, and in Bagnol-sur-Cèze in Gard, the company belongs to the Demeures Caladoises Participations since 2012. This reunification allowed the company to reposition the brand on a medium/high quality market in which LUMICENE has its place, as Stéphane Lamarche, CEO of Art & Traditions Méditerranée, explains…

Could you present us the company Art&Tradition Méditerranée in a few words?

Stephane Lamarche : It is a company that was born in 1988 and was initially integrated in Île de France, until 1995 when the company moved to the PACA region. Art&Tradition Méditerranée is since 2012 a brand from the group Demeures Caladoises, which allows us to have a double positioning: that is to say a basic positioning/ first time buyer with Maison Punch, a brand from the group Demeures Caladoises that we offer now at Art&Tradition Méditerranée, and a medium/high quality positioning, with which we want to differentiate with our parent brand.

What do you mean by ‘to differentiate’?

S.L. : We have today a brochure of our houses, like most of our colleague, but 90% of our installations remain some made to measure houses, with an average budget of about €130 000. The differentiation starts with the made to measure of course, but it goes also by the construction materials we use, and by our adherence since 2012 to the ‘Construction Propre’ charter and by our new equipment, like the LUMICENE.

When and how did you discover LUMICENE?

S.L. : It was last September, on the ‘Faire construire sa maison’ exhibition in Paris,

porte de Versailles. I was taken with this product that perfectly lends itself to the sunny south region which is ours. To me it is a good transition from winter to spring when it is not warm enough to live outside but when our clients still want to make the most of the rays of sunshine.

Is LUMICENE today part of your differentiation elements?

S.L. : Yes, to me it is a proper sign of differentiation that allows us to make the light come into our houses all day long, and to have an opening on the outside, on the garden at 180°. LUMICENE reinvents totally the inside/outside relation, and it is a product that brings us entire satisfaction, either on the aesthetic aspect, technical or regulatory as it is in accordance with the RT 2012 expectations and with the disable access regulation.

Can we find LUMICENE in your brochure or on an Art&Tradition Méditerranée witness detached house over time?

S.L. : Absolutely! We did it already, we integrated LUMICENE on two of our models and at the request of our sales representatives, we will suggest it on five other models. Then in the end we will have eight models equipped with LUMICENE and our new witness detached house in Poncet, in ‘Vaucluse Village’, which is a village of constructors where we will welcome our clients in a house Art&Tradition Méditerranée equipped with a LUMICENE from April onwards.


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